Thursday, September 6, 2012

religious fashion statement

For those of you who know me best... you'll understand my love for my European background. Which basically is a mix of everything. The main ones I get recognized for are English, Irish, German, and French. As a child I was surrounded by everything British. My first favorite band was Chumbawamba and yes of course The Beatles. Since middle school it has been Muse. Never feel I will turn my back on them. Their music has made such an impact on myself. Oh and did I forget to mention my boyfriend is first generation American from English parents? He's basically a blonde version of the lead singer of Muse, Matthew Bellamy. Just not as scrawny. Hoping he doesn't see this, because he hates Muse. He just doesn't understand the meaning of their music. 

Any whooooo! I love Brits! Love their culture and style. Especially love their fashion when it comes to grunge and punk. It's stylish unlike the filthy punk in America, whom have no class. The British are all about their class. This is a large overview, I am not pinpointing any certain areas in the U.K. so don't get technical on me. I understand there are many stereotypes throughout the land. For now, it is about the in your face fashion with a classy attitude. 

My current obsession for the past couple months has been these skinny jeans by Religion. They come in grey/black and red/blue symbolizing the Union Jack. These are marked at such an outrageous price for my wallet though. Since I can not even find any in a size 25, what's the point? Sad days... but maybe one day. I could definitely rock these. Most of my wardrobe is black, and I am a creature of the night.

Spell and the Gypsy Collective.: Kyss Kyss Bang Bang.

Oh gawd I am just dying here... reminds me so much of home on the island. Also now I miss my dip dyed red hair!!

Spell and the Gypsy Collective.: Kyss Kyss Bang Bang.: We have so many gorgeous stockists all over the world! One of them is Kyss Johanna who has a very spe...

How long has it been?

Sorry I haven't been on since about forever ago. I crept into the world of tumblr:

Along with that came life... as in a broken wrist, 22nd birthday, auditioning for HHN at Universal Studios Hollywood and yes making it through... WORK (grave yard shift), gym, beach, and every free open moment spending it with the love of my life. So since I've been gone I have been gathering a butt load of images to share with my fellow art lovers! Art is all around us, so consider each and every thing you come across in life to be art. Even yourself.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Prefer the originally My Little Pony over this, but the way it is made fun of is GOLD.

Here is the original (:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

light asylum - dark allies

Have to get up early for a long VIP day of basketball shit, but I can not sleep until I share this! Obsessing over it. So good. So ridiculous. So fun! In other words... Happy Holi!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a new era

Most of you know, there is a so called myth of the world ending this year, 2012. Well... I highly doubt that. As should you all. It is stated that this time on the Mayan calendar that it is all coming to an end basically. Yes. To their calendar that is. Haven't you ever looked at a calendar for a year such as 2012? It is but 12 months, 366 days this year because of Leap Year. Calendars have always been a way throughout history for man to document time. It is man made, just as the bible is... but that is not for this post.

The end of their calendar means a new era has begun. Remember new years... when you made those resolutions for the year or now of someone who has. Well this is just the same.

Hollywood has taken advantage of it and has put all of these thoughts into our heads. What about the zombie apocalypse. It may happen, yes... but soon? Not likely. Same as the world ending. Eventually our Sun will ingulf our planet one day.... thousands or more years into the future that is! Have you noticed the natural disasters happening worldwide? The sudden change in weather, especially here in SoCal... it was above 80 degrees F with clear skies and a blazing sun a couple days ago, then it dropped down to 60 with overcast skies and harsh winds. This is happening because the Sun is farting. She/He has no manners, I'm sorry to tell you this. Here let me show you:

This explosion happened January 23, 2012, one of the largest reported explosions since 2005. With speeds of 2200 km per second, it was expected to reach Earth the very next day. Here is my source:

Terrifying? Maaaaybe. With how Hollywood has trained our minds, this could look like nothing. At least to me it does. It mean this is completely natural and I am neutral to it. Thing is, I want others to feel the same. Calm the fuck down please. Excuse my language. If you want to pursue a career in helping prevent the world from any horrific damage, go right ahead I'm not stopping you. If it has to do with accepting Jesus Christ as my savior, please go fall in a ditch. Why if so are you reading this if you are a religious follower bound to collecting as many other gullible fools as possible...?

Religion won't help you here, but living your life to the fullest and understanding yourself will make it all the better. I ask of you to do one thing as you read the following text. Take long deep breaths in through your nose and out with your mouth. This should help you along the way:

Be good to you.
Be yourself, truthfully.
Accept yourself, gratefully.
Value yourself, joyfully.
Forgive yourself, generously.
Balance yourself, harmoniously.
Bless yourself, abundantly.
Trust yourself, confidently.
Love yourself, wholeheartedly.
Empower yourself, immediately.
Give yourself, enthusiastically.
Express yourself, radiantly.

Don't quote me, for I did not write that. It is a part of whom I am though. Ready for some fun images? Wheeeeeeee....

Explosions may be happening all around, but you can always fight back. One explosion I can finally fight back on is to help our Invisible Children. You can too! Have known about them for years, but I was sheltered and knew nothing of how to help or even that I could. There is now a way to help. To stop the man whom has begun this war. A war of capturing children in Uganda, Africa and having them kill their families and disfigure innocent civilians. The boys are handed guns and the girls are turned into sex slaves. This post is called new era for a reason. When this so called end of the world is happening... a new era will begin. When the man who is another form of Hitler, has been captured by U.S. military just as Osama had been. To learn more and fight for the freedom of children, check out this film: KONY 2012 Sign the pledge and spread the word.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

designs of the hands

Happy 2012 my fellow viewers!
It is the year of the DRAGON!

Apologize for not continuously posting, but I do have a life outside of my Mac. Hope your year has been starting off great. Mine well, has been full of mystery. Finally got around to collecting my old clothes I find no need for anymore to try to sell at a vintage shop. They liked a few items... Need to hit up some other stores. After I rid of those garments, I walked over to my favorite Urban store... Free People. Got this beautiful leather clutch that I can use tomorrow at the RAWards in Hollywood.

If you live in LA & love art, I suggest you attend the show. I will be walking for Dear Raymer. Tickets are sold here:

With that said, on to the real topic of the post. HAND ART.... a friend of mine just got herself a finger tattoo and that is tempting me to get the idea I created for a finger tattoo. You have to understand, I don't do tattoos.... I can respect them and love them.. but the thing is, I can't stand them. I am an OCD freak when it comes to art, especially on the body. When I was in elementary I use to draw on my hands with gel pens all the time, but when I got home... my mother would see them and scold me. Ink will leak into your body and poison you. As a child, this terrifies me! Soon as I grew older it did not bother me so much. Seeing how my fellow class mates would write down page numbers and text for classes and nothing would happen to them. It seemed harmless... but when I got to understand the ways of tattoos I was completely turned off. A piece of art that is practically glued to you for life. It goes with you everywhere. Ages with you. The aging processes freaks me out the most.

With everyone loving tattoos, that too put me off. I don't do peer pressure or follow people for a trend. I go with what I feel is right. What I feel is me.

With my boyfriend having tattoos, I have been able to calm my psycho tattoo hating self down. They have great reason and meaning behind them and don't look like your typical bro tattoo. He is an amazing man, and I see us being together for a good while or even longer if nothing ever goes wrong. Who knows what the future holds. Me being an artist, I feel I need to carry around art with me at all times. He has turned me into a better person. I guess in a way, getting a tattoo is in a way a sign of respect towards him. He has done so much for me and won't stop. If I were to get this tattoo, it would show my admiration for him and myself.

The idea is text, which is very important to me. I LOVE text and all its beauty. Most of my artwork deals with text. It's so fun to create and all of us all over the world share text of different shapes. It is a form of communication in so many ways. Communication is key in life. It's what keeps things going strong.

Put together an image of my hand and text on my computer. Photoshop isn't wanting to work with the new Lion update so I'll have to wait on more text options... So frustrating. Limited with what tiny pic gave me. So here is an image of my right hand with my right ring finger.

Still need to look through more text options once my photoshop starts working again. This is the basic idea though! It will face away from my view therefor if I were to ever be irritated by knowing of its existence... I won't see it! It will be like it was never there. Like how girls have them hidden behind the ear or even on the butt. Can't see it, so no worries. Having my life dedicated towards art won't be bothersome with a hand tattoo. They say how tattoos that show effect your chances in the business world. Yet my business is art. Once I get out of my current job, this tattoo idea will become more serious. They hold me back so much. I want to wear my rings and do something fun with my hair, color my nails, wear ankle bracelets... but noo they do not allow any of that. Yet we actually sell ankle bracelets.

You may be wondering the reason behind "keep breathing"... well because breathing is very important to all of us and especially me. I am allergic to cigarette smoke. My throat will close up, eyes start watering... a claustrophobic feeling all across my body. I'll hold my breathe or push it all out and get far away from it as possible till I can take another breathe of fresh air. I want to keep breathing but I can't with smoke around me. Keep breathing also means to keep going through life. No matter what comes your way, you gotta keep going. Breathing exercises are too another important thing to me. Practicing deep breathes calms down stress, helps you think more & deeper.

The spoon ring will stay with me for life, so "keep" will start after the ring. Having a text tattoo on the right side part of the finger is feminine and classy. The way I want to always be. That is the way I keep art.

For the rest of this post will be dedicated to hand art in the forms of tattoos and hennas...

Hands are a beautiful thing. They tell stories and bring wonders to life.
There will always be a helping hand for you.