Thursday, September 6, 2012

religious fashion statement

For those of you who know me best... you'll understand my love for my European background. Which basically is a mix of everything. The main ones I get recognized for are English, Irish, German, and French. As a child I was surrounded by everything British. My first favorite band was Chumbawamba and yes of course The Beatles. Since middle school it has been Muse. Never feel I will turn my back on them. Their music has made such an impact on myself. Oh and did I forget to mention my boyfriend is first generation American from English parents? He's basically a blonde version of the lead singer of Muse, Matthew Bellamy. Just not as scrawny. Hoping he doesn't see this, because he hates Muse. He just doesn't understand the meaning of their music. 

Any whooooo! I love Brits! Love their culture and style. Especially love their fashion when it comes to grunge and punk. It's stylish unlike the filthy punk in America, whom have no class. The British are all about their class. This is a large overview, I am not pinpointing any certain areas in the U.K. so don't get technical on me. I understand there are many stereotypes throughout the land. For now, it is about the in your face fashion with a classy attitude. 

My current obsession for the past couple months has been these skinny jeans by Religion. They come in grey/black and red/blue symbolizing the Union Jack. These are marked at such an outrageous price for my wallet though. Since I can not even find any in a size 25, what's the point? Sad days... but maybe one day. I could definitely rock these. Most of my wardrobe is black, and I am a creature of the night.

Spell and the Gypsy Collective.: Kyss Kyss Bang Bang.

Oh gawd I am just dying here... reminds me so much of home on the island. Also now I miss my dip dyed red hair!!

Spell and the Gypsy Collective.: Kyss Kyss Bang Bang.: We have so many gorgeous stockists all over the world! One of them is Kyss Johanna who has a very spe...

How long has it been?

Sorry I haven't been on since about forever ago. I crept into the world of tumblr:

Along with that came life... as in a broken wrist, 22nd birthday, auditioning for HHN at Universal Studios Hollywood and yes making it through... WORK (grave yard shift), gym, beach, and every free open moment spending it with the love of my life. So since I've been gone I have been gathering a butt load of images to share with my fellow art lovers! Art is all around us, so consider each and every thing you come across in life to be art. Even yourself.


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