Thursday, March 8, 2012

light asylum - dark allies

Have to get up early for a long VIP day of basketball shit, but I can not sleep until I share this! Obsessing over it. So good. So ridiculous. So fun! In other words... Happy Holi!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a new era

Most of you know, there is a so called myth of the world ending this year, 2012. Well... I highly doubt that. As should you all. It is stated that this time on the Mayan calendar that it is all coming to an end basically. Yes. To their calendar that is. Haven't you ever looked at a calendar for a year such as 2012? It is but 12 months, 366 days this year because of Leap Year. Calendars have always been a way throughout history for man to document time. It is man made, just as the bible is... but that is not for this post.

The end of their calendar means a new era has begun. Remember new years... when you made those resolutions for the year or now of someone who has. Well this is just the same.

Hollywood has taken advantage of it and has put all of these thoughts into our heads. What about the zombie apocalypse. It may happen, yes... but soon? Not likely. Same as the world ending. Eventually our Sun will ingulf our planet one day.... thousands or more years into the future that is! Have you noticed the natural disasters happening worldwide? The sudden change in weather, especially here in SoCal... it was above 80 degrees F with clear skies and a blazing sun a couple days ago, then it dropped down to 60 with overcast skies and harsh winds. This is happening because the Sun is farting. She/He has no manners, I'm sorry to tell you this. Here let me show you:

This explosion happened January 23, 2012, one of the largest reported explosions since 2005. With speeds of 2200 km per second, it was expected to reach Earth the very next day. Here is my source:

Terrifying? Maaaaybe. With how Hollywood has trained our minds, this could look like nothing. At least to me it does. It mean this is completely natural and I am neutral to it. Thing is, I want others to feel the same. Calm the fuck down please. Excuse my language. If you want to pursue a career in helping prevent the world from any horrific damage, go right ahead I'm not stopping you. If it has to do with accepting Jesus Christ as my savior, please go fall in a ditch. Why if so are you reading this if you are a religious follower bound to collecting as many other gullible fools as possible...?

Religion won't help you here, but living your life to the fullest and understanding yourself will make it all the better. I ask of you to do one thing as you read the following text. Take long deep breaths in through your nose and out with your mouth. This should help you along the way:

Be good to you.
Be yourself, truthfully.
Accept yourself, gratefully.
Value yourself, joyfully.
Forgive yourself, generously.
Balance yourself, harmoniously.
Bless yourself, abundantly.
Trust yourself, confidently.
Love yourself, wholeheartedly.
Empower yourself, immediately.
Give yourself, enthusiastically.
Express yourself, radiantly.

Don't quote me, for I did not write that. It is a part of whom I am though. Ready for some fun images? Wheeeeeeee....

Explosions may be happening all around, but you can always fight back. One explosion I can finally fight back on is to help our Invisible Children. You can too! Have known about them for years, but I was sheltered and knew nothing of how to help or even that I could. There is now a way to help. To stop the man whom has begun this war. A war of capturing children in Uganda, Africa and having them kill their families and disfigure innocent civilians. The boys are handed guns and the girls are turned into sex slaves. This post is called new era for a reason. When this so called end of the world is happening... a new era will begin. When the man who is another form of Hitler, has been captured by U.S. military just as Osama had been. To learn more and fight for the freedom of children, check out this film: KONY 2012 Sign the pledge and spread the word.