Saturday, February 16, 2013

Help Chelsea Survive!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Had been distracted by being a workaholic with tumblr in my spare time. Not to mention I got kicked out of my parents house last month! Yup... All because of money reasons. Lovely huh? My own mothers treats me as a business obligation instead of her own flesh and blood. Without warning she panics and threatens me to get out of the house with all my belongings by the end of the night. No 30 day limit.. nope. Then she takes my car. The car I work hard to keep in shape. Sure they help me with insurance but I pay for registrations and check ups and gas. That's a lot when you live 30 minutes away from everything in Los Angeles, CA. The car is half in my name.

FYI, her whole aura is screwed up. She has no inner peace. Obese. No job. Recently finished a bachelors degree in kinesiology in her 50s. Hoarder. Disrespects not only herself but others around her but puts on a facade like a typical stereotype of a "bitch"... So you can get a little understanding of her insanity. That's not even the whole story. Maybe I'll write a book about her one day, or a screenplay. Either way she has caused me great stress at the young age of 22. My skin will not stop breaking out, which is getting in the way of getting a better job. Need a job for money... need money for food and bills. Don't even get me started on being just another sheep in the system. I want to make something of my life, not just eat sleep work repeat. Yeah it's going to be tough right now, but that'll build character.

I am actually working on my resume right now! Well... it's exactly behind this window. So, I'll get back to it after this. Found a few jobs to apply to, so cross your fingers and toes! If you can (:

Another great way of an income would be a donation. This is where you come in! Or someone you know who would love to help a starving artist. Literally... I make under 1k a month. I need to save up to go back to school to finish my Associate and transfer to work on my Bachelors at Woodbury University. As of now I luckily have a roof over my head thanks to loving friends but me staying here is not fair to them. I need a place of my own.

If you or someone else can please help me out, it would be much appreciated. I don't have much, but I can send you good vibes. Karma will bless you.

Help Chelsea Survive

Any questions, advice, help... or just feel like talking send me an e-mail:

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